Officers and Board

Current Officers and Board member are listed below.

President- Brandon Martin

Vice President/Treasurer- Dr. Traci A Kimball

Secretary; TBD

Membership: TBD


Karen Wilson


At-Large Board members;

Kerri Holman, RN, CWON

Hi all,

What a beautiful time of year. Hope everyone is well.


We have several openings for new board members.

“The purpose of the Support group per our bylaws is 

To promote better understanding about ostomates and ostomy surgery by the general public.”

The board is responsible to facilitate meeting our purpose. If you feel that you have the qualifications as listed below and are able and willing to commit the needed time to help the Ostomy Association of Metro Denver to continue to succeed, please send an email to Please submit your interest ASAP so that we the board members can begin interviews, with anticipated nominations occurring the first week of November.

The board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, help line monitor and directors who will help with other duties as needed such as a) the newsletter editor b) membership monitor c) webmaster d) certified visitor coordinator, and any other jobs that need to be addressed. Each position will be discussed in more detail at interview.

Presently board meetings are on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month (excluding November, December, June and July) from 16:00-1700, however this is flexible according to the needs of the board. We are meeting virtually over Video conferencing as our members live across the Metro Denver footprint.  


Recommendation from UOAA (the United Ostomy Association of America, Inc is as follows:

Qualities that make a good ASG leader (Affiliated Support Group)

i. Compassion and empathy – ability to relate to another’s problems

ii. An understanding of sound business practices and how to implement them

iii. Recognition that a not-for-profit association requires sound financial management

iv. A working knowledge of UOAA’s mission

v. Knowledge of and respect for association’s history – where it has been and how it got there

vi. An understanding of the ASG’s bylaws, rules and procedures and a willingness to work within the adopted parameters

vii. Insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the association, and threats to the group

viii. The ability to recognize the “good” and understand the “problems”

ix. An understanding of personal limitations

x. Possession of a global outlook. An understanding of how decisions made within the ASG impact entities outside of the ASG

xi. Vision – thoughts about the ASG’s future and some ideas regarding how to get there … the ability to map a plan of action

xii. Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing

xiii. Ability to adopt a versatile management style. One that ranges from “beneficial dictator” to “consensus maker”

xiv. Knowledge that the ASG will prosper with team work

xv. Ability to select advisors, respect their messages, and not feel threatened by their contributions

xvi. Need to be a talent recruiter … Look for potential new leaders and develop their leadership talents

In addition per our bylaws established May 2009 & Amended May 2023:

1) ”It is the duty of all board members to faithfully attend all regular Board and Support Group meetings. If a board member misses more than 3 consecutive meetings, it shall be considered by the Association as an official offer of resignation.”

2) Attend six board and support group meetings during the calendar year, however members are excused for illnesses/surgery and emergencies.

3) Be willing to welcome new members at support group meetings

4) “Control and manage the affairs and business of the Association”

5) Help the board deal with issues as they arise

6) Be a member in good standing with the UOAA and be a dues paying member of the Ostomy Association of Metro Denver

7) It is recommended by the UOAA that the board members shall be volunteers who have had bowel or urinary diversion surgery, or their spouses/partners/caregivers

8) Be willing to help at informational booths that we may be invited to have at various other organization’s events such as: the Crohns Colitis Association yearly race, or WOCN Convention. It is not required to attend each and every event, only as many


Brandon Martin, OAMD 2023 President